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Flow Cytometry Facility

General Information



The Fortessa analysers and the FACSCalibur can be used by all researchers who have received appropriate training.
Please contact us to request training in the use of the analysers.

An introduction to the facility will take approximately an hour and is provided free to all users.
We recommend that this introductory training is followed by an assisted/supervised session.
Use of the facility is not permitted without appropriate training.



Cell sorting must be discussed and booked through Shonna or Will

The Centre for Inflammation Research Flow Cytometry Facility has an online booking system for all analysers and computers with a one hour limit on booking.
Additional time may be booked through Shonna or Will  

All users have the option of cancelling their bookings up to 2 hours before the start time.

It is important that the cytometers are not left on overnight or over the weekend.
Users are expected to check whether they are the last user of the day and turn the cytometers off accordingly. 


The following rates will be charged for use of the facility.
Analysers: Fortessa and FACSCalibur
35 per hour for all users

Time used will be charged in 30 minute slots, with a minimum charge of 1 hour per cytometer per month.
Failure to cancel 2 hours prior to booking will result in full charges being applied.

Analysers: Accuri C6
30 per hour is charged to all users

Sorters: FACSAria and Fusion - run by operator only
60 per hour for all users

There is a setup fee of 25 for use of the FACSAria.
The setup charge applies if a booking is not cancelled with 24 hours of notice.

Data Analysis

For those who do not have their own flow cytometry analysis software - we have a high specification computer with DiVa and Flowjo software for the purpose of data analysis

There is a charge of 5/hour for the use of the analysis computer

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Last Updated: May 2016