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Cell sorting can be booked through either Shonna or Will


The FACSAria II is a custom specification cell sorter equipped with a 5 lasers and utilizes fixed alignment technology to provide 15 colour analysis capability. It also has aerosol management option to  evacuate the sort collection chamber and thereby increase the safety when dealing with biohazardous samples. 

The Aria uses interchangeable nozzles from 50 to 400 um of sorting a wide variety of particle sizes into a maximum of 4 separate populations.  ACD units allow for single cell sorting or any other pre-defined number of cells onto user-defined devices (e.g. slides, microtitre plates etc.) This allows selective sorting for cloning or cell purification prior to PCR amplification and analysis. The combination of lasers and flexibility of the filter configuration makes possible a great array of experimental designs using a variety of different fluorochromes. Click here for full specifications

aria sorter


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Last Updated: May 2016