Queen's Medical Research Institute

Flow Cytometry Facility

The Queen's Medical Research Institute Flow Cytometry Facility 
dedicated to advancing research projects requiring cell sorting and/or analysis of cell populations by flow cytometry

The QMRI Flow Cytometry Facility  is open to all University researchers for cell sorting and analysis requirements.
We provide services for fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) by highly trained operators
We provide access to instrumentation for analytical flow cytometry (5 and 6 laser Fortessa analysers and a dual laser FACSCalibur)

We provide training in the use of cytometers and the analysis of acquired datasets
Our staff will also provide technical consultation and support on experimental design, execution, and data analysis

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For details regarding training and costs, please see the general information page



5 laser LSR Fortessa

6 laser LSR Fortessa

Accuri C6



FACS Fusion

Flow Cytometry Facility
Room C2.35
Queen's Medical Research Institute
47, Little France Crescent
Edinburgh EH16 4TJ
Laboratory (0131) 242 6567
Office (0131) 242 9162

Shonna Johnston:  Manager

Will Ramsay:          Cytometry Specialist

Ian Dransfield:        Academic Lead

Steve Anderton:        Cytometry

Elaine Dzierzak:        Advisory

Luca Cassetta:          Group

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Last Updated: May 2016